Insurance Certified Inspection Reports: Bldg 1, Bldg2, Bldg 3, Bldg 4, Bldg 5, Bldg 6, Bldg 7, Bldg 8.

(If you need a newer Mitigation Report, call R3 Inspections at 239-810-7793 ($60.00 to $100.00 per Unit))

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Marina Village Info

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2010 Ice Cream Social

Realmark's Future Plans for DOWNTOWN BSM  

BSM Section 22

(Mail to

Pictures of Flag Pole and Party

Realmark's NEW 2008 Plans for the Marina Village  


Pictures from around BSM

Realmark Loses Zoning Request     

BSM Marina

1979 Commodore Club

Traffic Increase because of Marina Village Project

Golf and Activity Club

Early 1980s BSM

3D View of Marina Village  

Gateway Management

Movie of our new Flag



America in Color from 1939-1943

 These pictures were taken from color slides found at the Library of Congress. They are dated between 1939-1943. The pictures are so clear and the color is so vibrant, it looks as though they were taken just yesterday.


The News Press



The Sun-Herald News

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